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China Bearing Roller Spherical Manufacturers – 22317CCW33 spherical roller bearing 85x180x60 rulman rodamientos – Nice Bearing

Product description

  • Item: 22317CCW33 Spherical Roller Bearing
  • Type:  Spherical Roller Bearing
  • Cage: Steel Cage
  • Dimensions: 85mm x 180mm x 60mm
  • ID (inner diameter)/Bore: 85mm
  • OD (outer diameter): 180mm
  • Width/Height/thickness: 60mm
  • Size: 85 x 180 x 60 mm
  • Quantity: One Bearing
  • Dynamic load rating Cr: 665,000 N
  • Static load rating Cor: 585,000 N
  • Limiting Speed:
    • Grease Lubrication: 2,400 RPM
    • Oil Lubrication: 3,200 RPM

Product Specifications

HZV spherical roller bearing:

Exterior Designs
W33 Annular groove and three lubrication holes in the outer ring
K Tapered bore, taper 1:12
K30 Tapered bore, taper 1:30
W20 Three lubrication holes in the outer ring
W26 Six lubrication holes in the inner ring
W Without annular groove and lubrication holes
SH Outer ring screw holes (can be customized)
2RS Contact seal, NBR, on one or both sides
Cage Type
CA Overall machined brass cage
CC Two stamped steel cages
E, E1 Two stamped steel cages
MB Two machined brass cages
FA One or two machined steel cages
ER, ER One or two reinforced nylon and resin cages
Interior Design, Precision Grade and Other
Clearance C2 C3 C4 C5
Precision grade P0 P6 P5 P4 or ABEC-1 ABEC-3 ABEC-5 ABEC-7
Personalise Stand by custom made
Grease Low temperature, High temperature, Universal and no


23856CC/W33 280x350x52 24936CC/W33 180x250x69
23856CCK/W33 280x350x52 24936CCK/W33 180x250x69
23860CC/W33 300x380x60 24956CC/W33 280x380x100
23860CCK/W33 300x380x60 24956CCK/W33 280x380x100
23872CC/W33 360x440x60 24960CC/W33 300x460x118
23872CCK/W33 360x440x60 24960CCK/W33 300x460x118
23896CC/W33 480x600x90 249/710CC/W33 710x950x243
23896CCK/W33 480x600x90 249/710CCK/W33 710x950x243
238/530CC/W33 530x650x90 249/800CC/W33 800x1060x258
238/530CCK/W33 530x650x90 249/800CCK/W33 800x1060x258
238/630CC/W33 630x780x112 249/950CC/W33 950x1250x300
238/630CCK/W33 630x780x112 249/950CCK/W33 950x1250x300
238/670CC/W33 670x820x112 249/1000CC/W33 1000x1320x315
238/670CCK/W33 670x820x112 249/1000CCK/W33 1000x1320x315
238/850CC/W33 850x1030x136 249/1060CC/W33 1060x1400x335
238/850CCK/W33 850x1030x136 249/1060CCK/W33 1060x1400x335
38/900CC/W33 900x1270x365 249/1120CC/W33 1120x1460x335
38/900CCK/W33 900x1270x365 249/1120CCK/W33 1120x1460x335
238/1000CC/W33 1000x1220x165 249/1180CC/W33 1180x1540x355
238/1000CCK/W33 1000x1220x165 249/1180CCK/W33 1180x1540x355/500
238/1060CC/W33 1060x1280x165 249/1320CC/W33 1320x1720x400
238/1060CCK/W33 1060x1280x165 249/1320CCK/W33 1320x1720x400
238/1180CC/W33 1180x1420x180 249/1500CC/W33 1500x1950x450
238/1180CCK/W33 1180x1420x180 249/1500CCK/W33 1500x1950x450
248/750CC/W33 750x920x170 23020CC/W33 100x150x27
248/750CCK/W33 750x920x170 23020CCK/W33 100x150x27
248/800CC/W33 800x980x180 23022CC/W33 110x170x45
248/800CCK/W33 800x980x180 23022CCK/W33 110x170x45
248/900CC/W33 900x1090x190 23024CC/W33 120x180x46
248/900CCK/W33 900x1090x190 23024CCK/W33 120x180x46
248/1060CC/W33 1060x1280x165 23026CC/W33 130x200x52
248/1060CCK/W33 1060x1280x165 23026CCK/W33 130x200x52
248/1320CC/W33 1320x1600x280 23028CC/W33 140x210x53
248/1320CCK/W33 1320x1600x280 23028CCK/W33 140x210x53
248/1500CC/W33 1500x1820x315 23030CC/W33 149x225x56
248/1500CCK/W33 1500x1820x315 23030CCK/W33 149x225x56
248/1800CC/W33 1800x2180x375 23032CC/W33 160x240x60
248/1800CCK/W33 1800x2180x375 23032CCK/W33 160x240x60
23934CC/W33 170x230x45 23034CC/W33 170x260x67
23934CCK/W33 170x230x45 23034CCK/W33 170x260x67
23936CC/W33 180x250x52 23036CC/W33 180x280x74
23936CCK/W33 180x250x52 23036CCK/W33 180x280x74
23938CC/W33 190x260x52 23038CC/W33 190x290x75
23938CCK/W33 190x260x52 23038CCK/W33 190x290x75
23940CC/W33 200x280x60 23040CC/W33 200x310x82
23940CCK/W33 200x280x60 23040CCK/W33 200x310x82
23944CC/W33 220x300x60 23044CC/W33 220x340x90
23944CCK/W33 220x300x60 23044CCK/W33 219.5x340x90
23948CC/W33 240x320x60 23048CC/W33 240x360x92
23948CCK/W33 240x320x60 23048CCK/W33 241x360x92
23952CC/W33 260x360x75 23052CC/W33 260x400x104
23952CCK/W33 260x360x75 23052CCK/W33 260x400x104
23956CC/W33 280x380x75 23056CC/W33 280x420x106
23956CCK/W33 280x380x75 23056CCK/W33 280x420x106
23960CC/W33 300x420x90 23060CC/W33 300x460x118
23960CCK/W33 300x420x90 23060CCK/W33 300x460x118
23964CC/W33 320x440x90 23062CC/W33 310x480x121
23964CCK/W33 320x440x90 23062CCK/W33 319x480x121
23968CC/W33 340x460x90 23064CC/W33 320x480x121
23968CCK/W33 340x460x90 23064CCK/W33 320x480x121
23972CC/W33 360x480x90 23068CC/W33 340x520x133
23972CCK/W33 360x480x90 23068CCK/W33 340x520x133
23976CC/W33 380x520x106 23072CC/W33 360x540x134
23976CCK/W33 380x520x106 23072CCK/W33 360x540x134
23980CC/W33 400x540x106 23076CC/W33 380x560x135
23980CCK/W33 400x540x106 23076CCK/W33 380x560x135
23984CC/W33 420x560x106 AOH3076CC/W33 380x
23984CCK/W33 420x560x106 AOH3076CCK/W33 380x
23988CC/W33 440x600x118 23080CC/W33 400x600x148
23988CCK/W33 440x600x118 23080CCK/W33 400x600x148
23992CC/W33 460x620x118 23084CC/W33 420x620x150
23992CCK/W33 460x620x118 23084CCK/W33 420x620x150
23996CC/W33 480x650x128 23088CC/W33 440x650x157
23996CCK/W33 480x650x128 23088CCK/W33 440x650x157
239/500CC/W33 500x670x128 23092CC/W33 460x680x163
239/500CCK/W33 500x670x128 23092CCK/W33 460x680x163
239/530CC/W33 530x710x136 23096CC/W33 480x700x165
239/530CCK/W33 530x710x136 23096CCK/W33 480x700x165
239/560CC/W33 560x750x140 230/500CC/W33 500x720x167
239/560CCK/W33 560x750x140 230/500CCK/W33 500x720x167
239/600CC/W33 600x800x150 230/530CC/W33 530x780x185
239/600CCK/W33 600x800x150 230/530CCK/W33 530x780x185
239/630CC/W33 630x850x165 230/560CC/W33 560x780x195
239/630CCK/W33 630x850x165 230/560CCK/W33 560x780x195
239/670CC/W33 670x900x153/178 230/600CC/W33 600x870x200
239/670CCK/W33 670x900x153/178 230/600CCK/W33 600x870x200
239/710CC/W33 710x950x180 230/630CC/W33 630x920x212
239/710CCK/W33 710x950x180 230/630CCK/W33 630x920x212/330
239/750CC/W33 750x920x170 230/670CC/W33 670x980x230
239/750CCK/W33 750x920x170 230/670CCK/W33 670x980x230
239/800CC/W33 800x1060x195 230/710CC/W33 710x1030x236
239/800CCK/W33 800x1060x195 230/710CCK/W33 710x1030x236
239/850CC/W33 850x1120x200 230/750CC/W33 750x1090x250
239/850CCK/W33 850x1120x200 230/750CCK/W33 750x1020x250/310
239/900CC/W33 900x1180x206 230/800CC/W33 800x1150x258
239/900CCK/W33 900x1180x206 230/800CCK/W33 800x1150x258
239/950CC/W33 950x1250x224 230/850CC/W33 850x1220x272
239/950CCK/W33 950x1250x224 230/850CCK/W33 850x1220x272
239/1060CC/W33 1060x1400x250 230/900CC/W33 900x1280x280
239/1060CCK/W33 1060x1400x250 230/900CCK/W33 900x1280x280
239/1180CC/W33 1180x1540x272 230/950CC/W33 950x1360x300
239/1180CCK/W33 1180x1540x272 230/950CCK/W33 950x
20208CC/W33 40X80X18 230/1000CC/W33 1000x1420x308
20208CCK/W33 40X80X18 230/1000CCK/W33 1000x1420x308
20209CC/W33 45X85X19 230/1060CC/W33 1060x1500x325
20209CCK/W33 45X85X19 230/1060CCK/W33 1060x1500x325
20220CC/W33 100X180X34 230/1180CC/W33 1180x1660x355
20220CCK/W33 100X180X34 230/1180CCK/W33 1180x1660x355
20256CC/W33 280X500X80 230/1250CC/W33 1250x1750x375
20256CCK/W33 280X500X80 230/1250CCK/W33 1250x1750x375

[video width="480" height="600" mp4="//cdncn.goodao.net/hzkbearings/7845b7d8bbbeb9aea58f46f04806b766.mp4"][/video]



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