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22312CDE4 Original Rulman Rodamientos NSK Spherical Roller Bearing

NSK Spherical roller bearing

Shandong Nice Bearing Manufacture Co. Ltd, established in 1995, is a supplier of bearing, roller bearing ,ball bearing,pillow block bearing, rod ends bearing ,needle roller bearing,screw bearings and slider bearings and slewing support bearings and so on.We have exported more than 100countries like USA, Mexico,Canada, Spain, Russia,Singapore,Thailand, India etc.We are committed to creating a one-stop shopping platform for customers to save time, improve efficiency with the best price and quality to win the trust of customers. Win-win cooperation is our company's business philosophy.


Spherical roller bearings with two rollers, mainly bear radial load, but also can withstand axial load in either direction. A high radial load capacity, especially suitable for heavy work loads or vibration, but can not afford pure axial load. This kind of bearing outer ring raceway is spherical shape, so its good aligning performance, can compensate concentricity error.


4032CDE4 22252CAME4 23248CAME4 22326CAME4 24168CDK30E4 22272CAMKE4
24034CDE4 22256CAME4 23252CAME4 22328CAME4 24172CDK30E4 22276CAMKE4
24036CDE4 22260CAME4 23256CAME4 22330CAME4 24180CDK30E4 22280CAMKE4
24038CDE4 22264CAME4 23260CAME4 22332CAME4 24184CDK30E4 22284CAMKE4
24040CDE4 22268CAME4 23264CAME4 22334CAME4 24188CDK30E4 22288CAMKE4
24044CDE4 22272CAME4 23268CAME4 22336CAME4 24056CAMK30E4 23218CAKE4
24049CDE4 22276CAME4 23272CAME4 22338CAME4 24060CAMK30E4 23219CAKE4
24052CDE4 22280CAME4 23276CAME4 22340CAME4 24064CAMK30E4 23220CAKE4
24056CDE4 22284CAME4 23280CAME4 22344CAME4 24068CAMK30E4 23222CAKE4
24060CDE4 22288CAME4 23284CAME4 22348CAME4 24072CAMK30E4 23224CAKE4
24064CDE4 24024CAMK30E4 23288CAME4 22352CAME4 24076CAMK30E4 23226CAKE4
24068CDE4 24026CAMK30E4 23292CAME4 22356CAME4 24080CAMK30E4 23228CAKE4
24072CDE4 24028CAMK30E4 23296CAME4 22360CAME4 24084CAMK30E4 23230CAKE4
24076CDE4 24030CAMK30E4 232/500CAE4 22364CAME4 24088CAMK30E4 23232CAKE4
24080CDE4 24032CAMK30E4 23120CDE4 22368CAME4 24092CAMK30E4 23234CAKE4
24084CDE4 24034CAMK30E4 23122CDE4 22372CAME4 24096CAMK30E4 23236CAKE4
24088CDE4 24036CAMK30E4 23124CDE4 22376CAME4 240/500CAK30E4 23238CAKE4
24092CDE4 24038CAMK30E4 23126CDE4 22380CAME4 22208CAKE4 23240CAKE4
24096CDE4 24040CAMK30E4 23128CDE4 22384CAME4 22209CAKE4 23244CAKE4
240/500CDE4 24044CAMK30E4 23130CDE4 22388CAME4 22210CAKE4 23248CAMKE4
24122CDK30E4 24049CAMK30E4 23132CDE4 22392CAME4 22211CAKE4 23252CAMKE4
24124CDK30E4 24052CAMK30E4 23134CDE4 22396CAME4 22212CAKE4 23256CAMKE4


1.Q:What’s your after-sales service and warranty?
A: We promise to bear the following responsibility when defective product is found: 1-12 months warranty from the first day of receiving goods;Replacements would be sent with goods of your next order;Refund for defective products if customers require.
2.Q:Do you have the real factory?
A: Of course, our company is started from the process of bearings, slowly formed its present size, product quality can better grasp, the price is also a great advantage.
3. Q:Do you accept ODM&OEM orders?
A: Yes, we provide ODM&OEM services to worldwide customers, we are able to customize housings in different styles, and sizes in different brands, we also customize circuit board & packaging box as per your requirements.
4.Q:What’s the MOQ?
A: MOQ is 10pcs for standardized products; for customized products, MOQ should be negotiated in advance. There is no MOQ for sample orders.
5.Q:How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock or it is 15-20days if the goods are not in stock,it is according to quantity.
6.Q:Could you accept OEM and customize?
A: Of course, OEM is accepted and we can customize for you according to sample or drawing.
7.Q:Do you offer free samples?
A: Yes we offer free samples to distributors and wholesalers, however customers should bear freight.

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